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Filmmaker, Photographer, Conservationist

Tomas Koeck
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Tomas is a 24 year old award-winning filmmaker, photographer and conservationist with a love for the outdoors and everything that it holds. He began taking photos in 2017 after he bought his first DSLR and soon found himself transferring out of biology at Pennsylvania State University to pursue digital media and an MFA at Sacred Heart University. 


Tomas's work has found its way into PBS Nature, the National Audubon Society, ESPN, Tamron Optics, and others which have allowed him to land sponsorships with companies like Tamron USA and partnerships with Canon USA. Tomas has worked on projects with PBS Nature and the Smithsonian Channel and represents his university as an ambassador on Amazon Prime's The College Tour. 

As an avid environmentalist, Koeck puts the subject first, this allowed him to be endorsed by the Connecticut Audubon Society as an ethical nature photographer. Tomas has won awards in the environmental field such as the University of Connecticut Environmental Issues Award for his work in invasive plant research and currently is on the board of directors at the Connecticut Audubon Society. Tomas also writes a bi-weekly column in the Easton Courier called "Sunday Nature Walk" which focuses on a new environmental topic each issue.

Koeck strives to be involved and integrated in the communications field. He is currently a YouTube partner and is an inductee in the Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Association Honors Society. A two-time recipient for "Excellence in Journalism" by the Society of Professional Journalists. Other honors include the Sacred Heart University Gold Medal of Excellence, Undergraduate Research Institute Awards such as the Campus Choice Award as well as the MAX Presentation Award and first place finishes at the Connecticut Audubon Migration Madness Photo Contest. 

Bio written by Dr. James Castonguay


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"My goal in this field is to give a voice to those who don't have one"


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New England, USA
New England, USA

Shooting snowy owls for a project in collaboration with the Canon USA

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Keepers of the Blue Premiere
Keepers of the Blue Premiere

Koeck on stage during conservation talks at the Sacred Heart University Earth Day event and premiere of Keepers of the Blue.

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Rhode Island, USA
Rhode Island, USA

Filming the Rhode Island reefs.

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New England, USA
New England, USA

Shooting snowy owls for a project in collaboration with the Canon USA

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April 2022 

I bought my first wildlife lens setup, a humble Tamron 18-400mm, where I spent most of my time finding and photographing owls.

Falling in love with the creative outlet the camera gave me, I transferred from Penn State University to Sacred Heart University in hopes of further developing my craft. 

I was lucky enough to land my first sponsorship with

Tamron Optics who took notice of my small films I developed on various wildlife. I would go on to use Tamron glass for my interviews and landscape shots. 

I picked up support from Canon USA,  this enabled me to help push my projects to the next level, namely with the EF 600mm F4 III.

For my first big project, Sentinels of the Boreal, I took a small team consisting of family to journey on an expedition into Superior National Forest to locate and film the great gray owl. This included braving

-20° F weather and blizzards. 

Helped with the filming of PBS Nature's Osprey and Hudson River: Journey into the Wild, a Smithsonian Channel segment under director and wildlife filmmaker Jacob Steinberg. 

Amazon Prime's The College Tour showcased my work in one of their specials highlighting Sacred Heart University in a multi-part episode.

I was fortunate enough to finagle a week-long expedition to Guadalupe Island, the "edge of the world". There I got up close and personal with great white sharks for the Keepers of the Blue project.

A week long filming trip in the Florida Keys led to interactions with many amazing wildlife such as bull shark, reef fish, and a variety of bird species. This was the final shoot for the Keepers of the Blue project.

Release of my latest film, Keepers of the Blue, a collaborative effort featuring non-profits such as the National Audubon Society and the Atlantic Shark Institute.

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