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Filmmaker, Conservationist, Optimist

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Tomas Koeck is a 25 year old award-winning filmmaker, SPJ award-winning journalist, photographer, and expeditionist. In simpler terms, he’s a storyteller, an environmentalist and, most importantly, an optimist.


As a filmmaker and artist, Tomas has worked on projects for National Geographic, PBS Nature, the Smithsonian Channel, the National Audubon Society, ESPN, and others and while on assignment has covered animals ranging from great gray owls to great white sharks. His work has has allowed him to become endorsed by Canon USA imaging's largest camera brand

As an avid environmentalist, Koeck puts the subject first, this allowed him to be endorsed by the Connecticut Audubon Society as an ethical nature photographer. Tomas has won awards in the environmental field such as the University of Connecticut Environmental Issues Award and currently is on the board of directors at the Connecticut Audubon Society. 

In 2024, Koeck was inducted into the esteemed Explorers Club. He is currently a YouTube partner and is an inductee in the Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Association Honors Society. A two-time recipient for "Excellence in Journalism" by the Society of Professional Journalists, other honors include the Sacred Heart University Gold Medal of Excellence, Yale University Centerpiece Film, three Undergraduate Research Institute Awards and multiple first place finishes at the Connecticut Audubon Migration Madness Photo Contest. 

Bio written by Dr. James Castonguay


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"My goal in this field is to give a voice to those who don't have one"


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