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Keepers of the Blue (2022)

Releasing this Earth Day, April 22, 2022

"The ocean is one of the last frontiers, the boundless expanse that harbors a vast amount of organisms from tiny fiddler crabs to monstrous great white sharks. 

Join Tomas Koeck as he explores several different aquatic ecological goldmines scattered throughout the Americas."


This multimedia project will present an ecological overview of the Atlantic oceanic life as well as the positive and negative human interaction with it. The project will encompass several different components with the central being a revolutionary film.

Tomas Koeck is currently producing several parts for the April 22nd release:

  • A 20 minute documentary feature

  • A STEM presentation at the Discovery Museum showcasing the media obtained.

  • Several "TED Style" talks and presentations about the production of this project.

The goal of this project is to give a voice to those who have none while showcasing important environmental topics, issues, and organizations.

Keepers of the Blue film poster

Behind the Scenes

A film by Eric Torrens

In collaboration with

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Meet The Team


Tomas Koeck

James Castonguay

Eric Torrens
Emily Gentile

Keith Zdrojowy

Gregory Golda

Todd Barnes

Rick Falco
Joe Alicastro
Lisa Gualtieri Alford

Stacie Errera
Jeff Wells
Jon Dodd
Kristen Kibblehouse

Victoria Migneco
Ramon Orona Garcia

Miguel Olivares Martinez

Jose Bustamante

Esteban Lezama
Stein Kwadjik

Jean-Charles “JC” Erba

Maria Fernanda Morem

Catherine Dellaire
Felipe Cerros

Cuauhtemoc Osuna

Sebastian Lovasco
Jay Frontierro
Capt. Noel Voroba

David Manoni
Craig Honeycutt

Samuel Koeck

James Singer

Director, Producer, Head of Photography, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Still Photography
Executive Producer
Production Coordinator, Cinematographer, Technician Animation, Graphics

Production Advisor
Production Advisor
Production Advisor
Production Advisor
Production Advisor
Canon USA
Tamron USA
National Audubon
Atlantic Shark Institute
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Undersea Explorer Captain

Undersea Explorer Crew

Undersea Explorer Crew

Undersea Explorer Crew

Undersea Explorer, Dive Master

Undersea Explorer, Dive Master

Undersea Explorer

Undersea Explorer

Undersea Explorer

Undersea Explorer



Orbit Marine

Diving Camera

Reef Guide

Marine Ecosystem Consultant

Drone Videographer

Maddie Robbins

Gary Lindemann

Maureen Lucier

Tim Walsh

Event Coordinator and Live Event Producer


Marketing and Hospitality

Sound Design, Lighting

Live Event

KOECK_Great White Shark_0009-DeNoiseAI-standard 2_edited.jpg


The Undersea Explorer, a vessel that Tomas and his team were stationed on during an expedi

Supported by

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