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Sentinels of the Boreal (2021)

The boreal forest is the largest piece of forested wilderness in the world. In the Americas, it stretches from Maine to Alaska and is a prominent biome in Europe and Asia.


This forest is home to many different species of wildlife such as moose, warblers, and even wolves. Yet few of these species can capture the mystique as one of the most elusive animals in the world, the great gray owl.


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This ten minute short was the culmination of a joint effort between Tomas and several different environmental brands. the focus was to capture the magic of the boreal forest and all that it holds as well as documenting the very elusive great gray owl. 

The piece would go on to receive critical acclaim, mounting a ten star average on IMDb and winning two awards and nominated for one at the Undergraduate Research Institute Festival. 


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Writer, Still Photography

Executive Producer




Production Advisors


Mammal Footage


Canon USA

Tamron USA

National Audubon

Special Thanks

Tomas Koeck


James Castonguay

Rick Falco

Greg Golda

Emily Gentile

Joseph Alicastro

Gary Russo

Keith Zdrojowy

Greg Golda

Sparky Stensaas

Epidemic Sound

Lisa Gualtieri Alford

Paola Ponchielli

Jeff Wells

Patrick Comins

Caroline Hughes

Mike Hendrickson

Carl Koeck

Mary Joe Koeck

Carol and Val Kratzman

Matt Kreckie

Harold O'Brien

Susan O'Brien

Frank Mantlik

Mark "Sparky" Stensaas

Jeff Wells

Behind the Scenes


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